In a month containing the release of a game 14 years late, why was my attention focused on the remake of a game which debuted in the year that game was originally due? That story is for another day. This post is for you Alice.

Alice: Madness Returns was released a few days ago. The sequel to a PC game released during the millennium and one that I only experienced a few months prior. Set in a very gothic imagining of Lewis Caroll’s fantasy wonderland, the Alice games take a very twisted and cynical approach to the story told to many kids these days. A design decision that really caught my eye.

I have long admired and appreciated the original imagining of Wonderland and it’s quirky, crazy characters as something nothing short of genius. But, after playing the original Alice game, I was incredibly surprised that the designers could twist and deform that land into such a bloody world, the Spicy Horse guys really are something.

And that is a shame. Though I haven’t had the chance to play this week’s sequel yet, the reviews have been pretty average. Yet, somehow, I’m not surprised. In fact. I suspected it.

Sure, in the trailers we saw some incredible scenes and the combat looked pretty solid but it seems that was probably all there is. Basing from the review comments, Alice plays just like the original, it is essentially ten years old already.

Reviewers seemed to hail the designers again, as expected. The imagination poured into the environments is staggering. But the game apparently plays similar to it’s predecessor, not that it predecessor was bad, but, playing like a 10 year old platform game is bound to have issues this far ahead in time.

Truly a shame. I’ll play Madness Returns as soon as possible but judging from that reviews I’ll be in for a repetitive yet breathtaking ride. I think the scenery will give me enough of a reason to enjoy my time in wonderland.

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