Are We Going To Be Treated To Something Big For Link and Zelda’s 25th Birthday?

Seriously, don’t keep this guy waiting any longer.

Last year we celebrated the annivesary of gaming’s most iconic series, Mario. The jumpy plumber hit 25 years of saving princesses, playing sports and .. reffereing boxing matches after starting out jumping over barrels. To celebrate the lifetime of mario, Nintendo released a limited edition red Wii console and a collection of older Mario games and content on a compilation disc. Considering the red Wii was shown in a picture along with 5 or 6 other Wii colours before the console even launched, that is a little bit of a let down, and Zelda already recieved a compilation disc back when Wind Waker launched in 2003. Don’t get me wrong, the anniversary releases were nice but for a milestone of gaming most reconisable character it was a little disapointing.

Well a year later, Nintendo get 2 shots at an anniversary special as The Legend of Zelda hits the milestone this year along with Metroid. So far the year has been empty in terms of celebratory mentions and announcments of both fanchises, though could that be about to change at E3 next week?

E3ã�®å�¥å ´æ�­ã��æ�¥ã��ã��ã�ªã��ã��ã�¼ã�«ã��ã�§ã��ã�ªã�� on TwitpicNintendo’s head of Project Sora, Masahiro Sakurai, recently tweeted his E3 guest pass clearly showing two lanyards, both featuring Zelda prints. The first is for Skyward Sword which was featured at last year’s show, though the second mentions the 25th anniversary with an image taken from the past Skyward Sword teaser. Now, though this doesn’t give us any details as to what may be planned for the franschise as a celebrbation we can take a few guesses.

Is a Zelda entry for Project Café already in the works? This we kind of doubt. Nintendo usually space major console Zelda releases apart by a few years.

Masahiro Sakurai is the lead developer on Nintendo’s Project Sora, a project which last year turned out to be developing the revival of Kid Icarus for the 3DS. Something which would take the series from 2D to 3D (in two ways). It is possible that the Project Sora team can work on two titles at once, Kid Icarus will be nearing the end of it’s development by now meaning the team could be hard at work on remaking an older 2D zelda title as a 3D adventure. This year is already seeing the re-make of Ocarina of Time and a 3DS version of Link’s Awakening (just adding depth to the old visuals) but neither of those is as big as re-creating a 2D game into 3D and Shigeru Miyamoto already expressed interest in re-making A Link to the Past. Could he have been hiding the fact that it is already being worked on?

Oh god we can only hope so. Damn it Tuesday, hurry up!

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