JoshJudges isn’t just a place for me to host my portfolio of work; it’s a place for me to call my own. Having my own website allows me to get my thoughts and expertise out there without relying on pitching editors of sites that simply aren’t interested in paying me for that service. But as we all have bills to pay, some articles on the website will attempt to generate a little pocket money through what is known as an affiliate link.

This means some of the articles you’ll find on this site – like lists and product reviews – will include links to where to buy some of the products featured. Buying a recommended or interesting product through one of these links won’t cost you an extra penny, but will give a slight commission to me for “referring” you to a product you’ll hopefully enjoy.

That’s the whole point of this page; to disclose that I might earn a small fraction of the purchase price of a product sold through one of my links on this site.

If you’re one of those anti-Amazon people, maybe you can shop a little easier knowing not all of that profit is going to the big man and is instead being used to help out little-known content creators like myself!