The FALCONS Ultimate Gaming Socks Aren’t As Pointless As You Think

If there’s any one true “gaming” item every self-certified “gamer” needs at their disposal, it’s a pair of toughened socks. That’s not exactly what French group Bequipe, creators of the KALIENTO hand warmer, said with their FALCONS Ultimate Gaming Socks Kickstarter, but with a product name like that, you might as well have.

As absurd as the idea of gaming socks seem on paper, 142 backers pledged their belief in the product in just 8 days, amounting to 88% of the project’s funding goal with 21 days left on the clock. So why did the company cancel the crowdfunding mission, and what’s going to happen now?

According to an update posted to the project page last night, it was already too little too late. “The success of a campaign is decided in the first 48 hours”, said Bequipe founders Hugo and Remi in the lengthy explanation post.

“If a project reaches 150% of its objective, it will be put forward on the platform, thus generating more organic traffic and contributions.” They go on to explain how this is why you’ll see many Kickstarter projects set low funding goals no matter how much cash they actually need. Companies attempt to game the system, and when a project is too slow to start, their chances of actual success over time drop significantly as they miss their opportunity to be pushed by the site’s algorithms. It’s essentially free (or much cheaper) advertising, and Bequipe wasn’t willing to take on the gamble of hefty startup marketing fees.

But that doesn’t mean those wacky FALCONS gaming socks are completely dead in the water. The company is now focusing on a new website and prototyping additional products, and they’ve assured backers that “socks designed for gamers” are still on the agenda.

So the socks aren’t dead – but why did they even exist in the first place? Gamers (god I hate that word) have put up with savage marketing campaigns for years that have slapped the word “Gaming” or “Gamer” on anything from drinks and pre-existing USB DACs, to ergonimcally atrocious chairs. And while most of these do very little to “improve your game” as they so love to promise, the idea of gaming socks is actually something I can personally get behind. They sound absolutely ridiculous, but there’s probably a few solid reasons as to why 77 people pledged $25+ for their own pair.

The campaign itself totes the footware as light, warm, and comfortable – all qualities you’d hope to find in just about any sock, right? They also use a “high tech fabric” to help blood circulation, increasing oxygen to your brain. That’s fair science, but the same rings true for just about compression sock you would buy for something like a long haul flight. You could offset that need with regular breaks, but it’s incredibly easy to lose track of time when you’re running dungeons, climbing the competitive ladder, or when you’re simply knee-deep in deadlines,. Aiding in blood circulation suddently doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

But then comes one of the more situational and eyebrow-raising points. The FALCON Ultimate Gaming Socks feature a “strong sole” to protect your feet from cold floors. How many of us have ever thought to blame our floors for poor productivity and performance? Most probably haven’t, but I actually have.

office comfort, circulation and ergonomics products
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Writing for a living means I’m at home far more often than I’m not. I know my house far better now that I ever did growing up. My bottom floor bedroom is now not only that, but my office and main entertainment room, so I spend practically 80% of my day stuffed away in there.

I never would have thought it, but the winter months have been absolutely horredenous for my body. Cold hands are nothing new and can be easily remedied with central heating. But over time, I noticed my legs getting cold to the touch and my calf bones feeling not too dissimilar to the kind of deep chill you’d get from the cold outside wind blowing against them. When the heating wouldn’t help, I actually turned to high compression socks as I decided the cause could be my sitting routine utterly wrecking my blood circulation.

It didn’t help.

The socks were thick and tight to aid with that “compression” feature, but my legs would still get uncomfortably cold the moment I sat down to work.

Then I began to notice that the problem wasn’t my legs – but my feet. The temperature difference meant they’d sting if I took a hot bath, and those previous symptoms slowly subsided if I sprawled across my couch or used an armchair footstool. I actually bought a plush office footrest from Amazon alongside the compression socks to help correct my posture caused by a cheaper office chair, but in hindsight, it probably helped for the same reason these socks might. My little Amazon quick-fix finally brought the real reason to my attention. I cheaped out when redecorating my little downstairs room, and my feet paid the price. They still are.

I understood buying underlay with your carpet would make it a little bouncier, but I was too naive to think about how my thin carpet would do little to stave away the chill of the concrete base beneath my ground floor office. I didn’t have the benefit of floorboards like I would upstairs. And as we all know by now, cold air sinks to the floor; and concrete isn’t exactly the world’s warmest material.

There are obviously numerous ways to fix the issue of ice-cold floors, but those initially silly-sounding hard sole socks actually make sense to me. They’re situational at best, but if those 77 early backers also made the same mistake as me, I can understand why they were quick to toss $25 at the first company to make a “gaming sock”. Sure, I could just wear slippers or shoes around the house to the same effect, but longterm comfort is, and always will be, a conveniance we all welcome in our lives. I can’t count how many times I’ve nearly bowled up or down my staircase wrestling with stiff slippers hanging from the backs of my feet.

The FALCONS Ultimate Gaming Socks aren’t exactly a must-have for every gamer, but when the core benefit fixes a key – if fairly uncommon – problem with sitting at a desk all day, this seemingly foolish attempt to convince gamers to part with their cash could easily apply to plenty of home office workers, too. Just stop with the “Level Up” crap.

If you need a little help with your seated posture or are worried about your blood circulation in your office, the products mentioned in this article are all 100% recommend. If you like them, please consider buying them through my Amazon Affiliate link. It helps me pen more articles like this one!

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